How can I change or return tickets that have already been paid for?

Dear passengers!

Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests in connection with the coronavirus, the processing time for the application has been significantly increased. Please do not duplicate applications, wait for a response. We are sorry.

Sometimes circumstances arise when it may be necessary to change travel plans. It may be necessary to completely cancel the trip or make changes to dates or itinerary.


In order to refund a ticket paid for with a plastic card, you need:

1. When booking a flight on the website, you receive a confirmation letter:

Refund tickets

This letter contains a link to order (1) and an access code (2). This information is required if you want to refund your ticket or rebook your flight for another date.

2. By clicking on the link and entering the access code, you will be taken to your paid order:

Second stage of return tickets

3. To return a ticket, you must click "Return ticket" (1), after which you will be taken to the page for a return request:

Third stage of ticket refund < / p>

 Attention!  The answer will be sent to the buyer's e-mail, and the information will be duplicated in this section. The seats will be removed only after the buyer agrees with the terms of the return and payment of the service fee (if it is provided for when returning). Until the buyer agrees with the terms of the return, tickets remain unchanged! Seats are not available for rent!

You need to select the type of application - forced return / voluntary return:

Select the type of request

 A forced return is considered for the following reasons: 

  • Canceled or delayed flight for more than 3 hours
  • Passenger's death - confirmation of relationship and death certificate

 Some airlines consider it a sufficient reason for the forced refund of the ticket: 

  • Official visa refusal - a copy of the passport page with a refusal mark is required
  • Illness of a passenger resulting in hospitalization - supporting documents from the hospital are required
  • Death of a close relative of a passenger - confirmation of relationship and death certificate

A voluntary refund is considered if you decide to cancel your flight for no valid reason.

In case of an involuntary return, you will have access to a field in which you must describe the reason for the return, in case of a voluntary return, this field is not available:

Specify reason for return

In both cases, to return the ticket, you need to use the form:

Attach documents

And attach a scanned copy of all documents, including copies of passports of passengers who need to be returned.

Contact details are taken from the order, but, if necessary, you can change them:

Fill in contact information

By clicking the "Submit request" button, you send a return request:

Request for refund

In the order, you will see a generated return request, and you will receive a confirmation email:

Create a ticket refund request

After our managers make a calculation and make changes to the application, you will receive a notification by mail:


You need to go to the order and familiarize yourself with the calculation of the refund for your ticket:


You need to agree to the terms of the flight ticket refund and confirm the refund.


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